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This WordPress (v6.4.3) site contains copies of Gravity Forms (v2.8.3) with some capabilities restricted, GFChart (v2.2.3), Survey Customiser (v1.3.0)*, GFChart Chart vs Time Add-On (v0.11)* and GFChart Text Add-On (v0.5.beta1)*.

Usage instructions

  1. Login (username: demo, password: demo).
  2. Create a new form.
  3. Use the form a few times to add test data to the form database.
  4. Create a new Chart/Calculation attached to the form.
  5. Optionally, add that Chart/Calculation to a page.

Please review our documentation. If GFChart does not perform as expected, please review the current limitations.


  • This website is deleted and refreshes periodically.
  • All data and information on this site is public.
  • You are welcome to import and export Forms and Charts / Calculations.
  • The GravityView Add-On is not yet available for testing on this site.
  • This site is provided as a service to allow prospective customers to trial GFChart before purchase. We accept no liability for any actions arising from its use. Remember, all new customers are welcome to enjoy our no quibble full refund in the event that GFChart does not entirely satisfy their needs, within 30 days of purchase.

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*All extensions other than GFChart are available as part of our premium GFChart All package.